SBA's 8(a) Program Can Help Some Companies Compete

Q: A friend told me that as a woman of Native American descent I might be eligible for a special SBA program that will help me start a small business. He said I could compete for government contracts through this program. Can you tell me what SBA program he's referring to? -- Clara P. A: Your friend is probably referring to the Small Business Administration's (SBA) 8(a) Business ... Read more »

There are several different types of covenants not to compete

Non-Compete agreements are important tools used to protect the vital interests of a business. Businesses must often allow employees and independent contractors access to private and confidential information about their business, such as customer lists and contacts, internal pricing, marketing strategies, and strategies differentiating the business from competitors. This crucial information is ... Read more »

Compete In A Very Competitive Industry: Learn It

Over the years, many of us have heard about the opportunities available in wholesale travel. As a consumer, we can recognize that if these wholesale travel packages are legitimate, then we will have access to vacation packages that would make the average traveler drool over their possibilities in travel destinations. When we slide the shoe to the other foot and consider wholesale travel as a ... Read more »

Understanding What Non-Compete Agreement Means

Why the need for Non-Compete Agreements? Employers may view a non-compete agreement as an essential part of employment contracts. This agreement ensures that an employee will not work for a competitor after leaving the company for a certain period. Many business owners consider this important because it does not only discourage employees to leave their job (because they will not be ... Read more »

How Small Business Can Compete in Big Recruiting

In today's economy, as industry giants are faltering, much of our hope rests with the small and medium sized business owners across the country.   Small businesses have the ability to adapt to the current economic environment and provide consumers or other businesses with exactly what they need at this integral moment.   Small businesses can rapidly change direction and point their... Read more »

Should insurance companies compete with each other?

The US is justly proud of its reputation as the home of modern capitalism and has promoted the idea of free markets to skeptical countries around the world. The fact that a bubble in the property market fuelled this recession does not change the philosophical power of the US economic model. When it works properly, the free market pushes businesses to compete. This improves the quality of service ... Read more »

Four Components to Plumbing: Keep Your Water Running

If there’s one thing you undoubtedly need in your home, it’s a working plumbing system. That system, those pipes, are what get you through the day from your trips to the bathroom, to making dinner, to showering, to keeping your basement clear of excess fluids. If you develop a leak, everything can go wrong, and you’ll suddenly realize what it’s like to try to live without ... Read more »

Top 9 Plumbing Safety Tips

Most of the time, you want to fix things that don’t work yourself. But, have you fully considered that fixing these things is perfectly safe? Here is some advice on how to make sure you are fully safe, when you cannot turn to professional help and try to do things yourself. If you follow some basic safety rules and resort to your common sense, you can deal with the home plumbing projects ... Read more »

Be Prepared for Possible Winter Plumbing Problems

Ceilings caving in, furniture being ruined and an increase in your home insurance premium. Burst pipes and consequent escape of water can have a lot to answer for and with the winter drawing in and the temperatures dropping the likelihood of your home suffering from burst pipes is increasing. Let us take a look at the effects of the expansion, contraction and escape of water in your home and how ... Read more »

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